Monday, May 18, 2015

Soaking In Sunsets In Kota Kinabalu

Why go to Kota Kinabalu? It’s not much of a destination in itself, but as a beginning or end point to Borneo, it does the trick! 

While it doesn’t boast too many sites outside of an airport, you can relax and enjoy spectacular sunsets, navigate your way through crowded fish markets, or plan the next leg of your trip.

For us, our Borneo adventure both started and ended here.

The handsdown highlight was the sunset.

We’d walk over to the water’s edge and find a front row seat (and usually a beer) to watch the sky change magnificent vibrant colours and the clouds create fantastical shapes. 

In fact, I am not sure KK has ever had a less than spectacular sunset (at least not during our time there)!

One of our frequented spots was a lively pier lined with restaurants.

Smack in the middle of here we found a tented massage area.

I treated myself to foot reflexology and one of the best back massages I’ve ever had while Matt was able to recline beside me with a large bottle of beer and take in either the busy boardwalk or the movie screening on the tent’s ceiling. (That’s what I call win-win!)

It was a little odd flipping over and taking off a shirt in the middle of a crowded area for the back portion, but it was so relaxing I couldn’t of cared less in the moment.

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