Friday, May 01, 2015

World Harvest Festival starts today at Sarawak Cultural Village

KUCHING: The 11th edition of the three-day World Harvest Festival (WHF) 2015, begins today at Sarawak Cultural Village.

Sixteen finalists will be giving their best shot to compete for the subsidiary title of Miss Talent Cultural Harvest Festival this evening where the results will be announced during the grand finale tomorrow evening.

Other highlights for WHF2015 include cultural concerts, and pocket shows. Dance and music performers from Sambas and Bandung Indonesia, Culture and Heritage of Negeri Sembilan and Sutrasari UMS from Sabah will be participating in shows and concerts, presenting their distinctive styles of dance and music during workshops held during the daytime.

Besides that, visitors can come to appreciate Sarawakian traditional food and crafts at the Sarawak Ethnic Kitchen and Craft Festival. There are various craft displays and cooking competitions open to the public for the three-day festival.

The male counterpart to the Miss Cultural Harvest Festival, the WHF Ironman competition will be kicking off today.

For this year’s competition, 15 contestants will be vying for the title of WHF Ironman 2015. They will compete in cultural-based activities including mountain climbing, lifting and carrying gunny sacks, blowpipe shooting and many more. The winner will be announced during the grand finale to be held this Sunday.

More exciting programmes and activities await including the not-to-be-missed live staging of ‘Kumang’ adapted from the Iban legend to be held in an outdoor natural setting fronting the SCV lake.