Monday, August 03, 2015

Borneo Cultural Festival turns ‘green’ in celebration

SIBU: The Borneo Cultural Festival at Sibu Town Square turned “green” on Saturday night as it incorporated the concept of environmental conservation into the celebration.

The event aimed to promote recycling activities through the 3R concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

It drew a large crowd as host Ming Ching Tung Hiong Huai (a body for Ming Qing dialect – a sub-clan of the Foochow) held the recycle competition at scenic Chuan Corridor Stone Gate.

Participants from NGOs and schools tried out their creativity to make household items from recycled items.

The activity was initiated by Sibu United Chinese Association which has more than 100 affiliate members.

Speaking at the event’s opening, chairman of Sibu United Chinese Association Ting Huat Chie said such green activity of the Borneo Cultural Festival would promote an environment-friendly future for Sibu.

He said Sibu Municipal Council has made an effort to work with the townsfolk to promote green lifestyle. The council has successfully banned the use of styrofoam containers for food takeaways, and the people must continue to cooperate in this area.

He said if people know how to make alternative uses of discarded items, they would be throwing away less garbage and that would be good for the environment.

“Man must learn to live in harmony with the environment. We are using more and more resources of the Earth.

We thus must practise recycling whenever possible. For example, aluminium tins can be sent for recycling,” said Ting, adding that consumers must always have the 3R concept in their minds.