Saturday, August 01, 2015

Monkeying around in KK

Our afternoon tour gave us the extra time for some more sleep recovery for Gemma and just a nice lie-in for me!

Another toast and jam breakfast set up the day and an attempt at some higher temperature whites washing, as all our white clothes are now lined with a dirty yellow colour from dust or just not being very clean perhaps.

Unfortunately the highest we could do was 40 degrees which is not enough to make much significant improvements, but still better than the usual cold water washes.

Not the most exciting of mornings as we then scampered through the rain to handicraft and Filipino markets respectively, quickly browsing through the many scarves, souvenirs or foods before being swayed by the latter and skipping to an early lunch.

On the recommendation of our guide book, we tracked down a basement food court that had a huge array of stalls selling all kinds of foods.

We went for a four-sides stall that you could pick and mix and then find out you've spent a fortune once it's all on your plate...

Though as we're in Malaysia a fortune means having spent about £2 rather than £1 on a meal! We both picked as many different things as possible so as to try and sample them all, with mixed results; some we chose were quite nice, a few were a bit weird, and nothing particularly special of note other than perhaps the inclusion of lots of veg!

Another scamper back through the rain to our hostel, before our tour starting just after 2pm. (I'm not sure if I mentioned what the tour was... A riverboat cruise to spot some proboscis monkeys - sometimes known as Dutch monkeys apparently, they have the funny drooping nose thing going on, Google may be more useful- and finishing with a firefly cruise in the evening...)

A nice, chatty tour guide came to pick us up from the hostel giving us a more precise itinerary for the tour and a little info about it all.

We started with an hour and a half drive, picking up a group of locals and just the two other foreign tourists whom were British expats now living in Australia.

When we finally arrived at our desired location there was a tea break planned, that we were completely unaware of and a tad strange delaying the start of our actual tour, served some fried banana and mini green pancake things to try and gave us chance to chat to our fellow explorers.

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