Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sam Around the Worldd - Borneo

Borneo the land of orangutans, magnificent national parks, UNESCO world heritage sites, white sandy beaches, tropical islands, long nosed (proboscis) monkeys, gigantic caves and so so so much more!

It’s hard to describe this place in words, this magnificent place has so much to offer and it was so much more than I ever could have expected.

My sister Kirsten and I were heading to Borneo with our Mum Kerry to celebrate her upcoming 60th Birthday.

Initially we were arriving, climbing Mt Kinabalu (the tallest mountain in South East Asia) and then joining an intrepid tour for 10 days.

However due to the earthquake and landslide that occurred in Borneo earlier this year the mountain was closed and our plans had to change.

We were left with a few days at the start of our trip which we had no trouble filing.

Upon arrival at Kota Kinabalu airport we picked up a taxi and headed to the luxurious Shangri La Rasa Ria resort.

Our main draw to this resort was the Orangutan rehabilitation centre that it boasted.

The poolside cocktails, beachfront sunsets and water sports activities were all just a bonus.

Looking back this was probably my favourite place that we got to see the orang-utans, they only had two at the time we visited but this was the closest we got to get to orangutans, there weren’t too many other people and watching them swing through the trees to grab a bite to eat is something I’ll never forget!

The following day we did a tour to Mantanani Island, there has been sightings of dugongs in the waters surrounding this island so that was a big draw card.

Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to spot one but the ridiculously white sandy beaches and crazy clear blue waters are more than a good enough reason to visit this tropical paradise!

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