Thursday, August 20, 2015

Borneo? More like Bro-meo

Having made the decision to leave Malaysia as abruptly as I had made the decision to start working there in the first place, I had some unfinished business to settle.

And by business I mean Borneo and by settle I mean visit and immerse myself in the romantic ideals I had of this secluded island.

Fortunately for me, two buddies of mine were at hand to join me on this last adventure / sunset bromance.

One was a British lad named Patrick with a hilarious fear of birds and the other was a giant Australian named Sacha who sought to satisfy his life long obsession with proboscis monkey.

The journey

Having very little time to plan the trip, we booked a 2 day 1 night adventure through Borneo Adventures.

The price was expensive for Asia, but reasonable for Borneo and included all transport, a guide, food in the national park and accommodation.

All you will need to purchase is alcohol to dull the itches from mosquito bites.

After a late night flight into Kuching (be careful that you seek out immigration and get an entry stamp on arrival – we walked through because no one was present at the airport and because we didn’t get an entry stamp were almost not let out of Sarawak at departure when immigration told us that technically we had never arrived) and a few gin and tonics to keep us warm, it was an early start from the hotel to Bako Village.

From Bako village we met our guide and took a short boat ride through to the Bako National Park.

We waded through waist deep water to disembark onto the beach and arrive at a natural haven.

The park accommodation was beautiful and set up as wooden bungalows which took advantage of the forest surroundings.

You’ll also quickly be acquainted with the wildlife which roams freely up to your door step including wild boars, proboscis monkeys (only found in Borneo!), silver leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, monitor lizards and an abundance of birds.

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