Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CuriosTraveller: Haus Cafe @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Some said it’s a cafe with unfinished design. Some said it’s a hipster cafe. We said, it’s a cafe with Industrial Design, purposely left unfinished on some parts, implying a big statement, a significant impact and trademark readily for viewing to those passing by.

Alluring that is, as if it’s a call for people to come in and check out what’s inside. That is definitely genius and smart. Welcome to Haus Cafe, one burgeoning cafe in Kota Kinabalu City, we must say.

The concept is different. While other cafes tend to outshine competitors, Haus look at things differently. Being humble that is. The owner intend to create that community feels by ensuring that the cafe is fit for people of all ages and background.

It ain’t only for the avid coffee hunters and young career people (as you can see in many other cafes), the door opens for everyone.

About Haus Cafe

Haus cafe is owned and managed by Farish Aziz, a well known actor, a celebrity that is. Being super talented he broadened his ‘skills’ by opening the Haus Cafe. Located at 88 Marketplace, Kota Kinabalu, the cafe started it’s business on December 22, 2015.

Operating from 9 AM to 11 PM daily (Except Tuesday-Off day), the cafe is supervised by the Manager, Ms.Charleen. Though pretty being compared with other cafe’s products, the Manager told us that Haus is readily to introduce more food creations that differ from what people are getting from cafes alike. According to Charleen, Farish Aziz himself keep infusing his positive thoughts into the overall Haus concept.

Food and Beverage Menu


There are about 12 or so items in the Food Menu, with some being main(s) while the rest are sides. It’s quite fascinating to see some menu with unusual names such as Tamaha and Tabarus. 

Probably that’s the radical thought of a young clever business person such as Farish Aziz, daring to bringing up the cafe Industry one level up. Being radical in business is a must nowadays. It is one of many creative ways to attract customers.

Brilliant idea, Farish! Such names made we wondered for a while and I became more curious. Curious to know what’s on the plate for that super unique food names.

Price wise, it’s mid range for the average customers, the lowest being RM5.00 and max at RM24.00. Simply put, affordable for all.

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