Sunday, July 03, 2016

MASwings urged to lower fares for Miri-Limbang sector

LIMBANG: Regional community airline MASwings is urged to fi nd ways to lowering its airfares, which is now burdening travellers for the Limbang-Miri sector.

Assistant Minister for Welfare and Community Wellbeing, Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail, said it was high time the airline heard the grievances of the people, although the government had no power in forcing them to do so.

“I consider the airfares for the Miri-Limbang sector expensive compared to the Miri-Kuching sector. This is causing unhappiness among the people. MASwings should take heeds of the people’s call to lower its airfares,” he said yesterday, when asked to comment on the dearer airfare for Limbang-Miri sector, which is RM164.54 compared RM137.80 for the Miri-Kuching sector.

He added the issue was frequently being brought to the State Legislative Assembly sitting in the past.

However, he said the airlines had not responded positively when in fact they could take various approaches like having promotions and discounts to those making advance booking, to ease the burden of travellers besides encouraging more people to use the airline.