Friday, July 29, 2016

Korean dance kicks off Sabah International Folklore Festival

KOTA KINABALU: Eleven countries performed at the opening night of the 11th Sabah International Folklore Festival here yesterday.

The first performance was by the ensemble from South Korea. The all-female Korean dancers performed the Jango dance, a traditional welcoming dance for warriors after a battle.

It was followed by the Sri Lankan dance performed mainly by young children and the Russian acrobatic performance from the Republic of Sakha Yakuthia.

Malaysia was represented by a dance ensemble from Peninsular Malaysia which performed a Kelantanese dance.

One of the favorites at the show was the traditional Irish dance which tells of the traditional folklore story of the Selkies, a seal like creature that lives in the Irish sea.

When the Selkies leave the water they shed their seal skin to become beautiful young women and dance to the Irish dancing steps.

The performers perform in both soft and hard shoes and are accompanied by an all-male musicians also from Ireland.