Thursday, July 21, 2016

Miri may soon be the Gold Coast of Sarawak

MIRI: There is a plan to turn the coastline from Tanjong Lobang to Kuala Sibuti into the `Gold Coast of Sarawak’.

Assistant Minister of Tourism Datuk Lee Kim Shin, after chairing a Sarawak Tourism Coordination Committee meeting here yesterday, said the 35km initiative would be similar or could rival Australia’s Gold Coast.

“We want to promote our sea as diving, fishing, and sport fishing havens. The area is rich with untouched corals and marine life,” said Lee.

“Apart from beaches, we plan to sell our cultural and natural wonders, too.”

On the state’s national parks, he said they were for adventure tourists, where they could opt to fly or use boats or travel through timber tracks to get to their destinations.

Lee said the state’s interior, particularly Baram, would not be left out from the state’s tourism radar as they possessed natural and cultural wonders.

These areas could be promoted as a Tourism Triangle.

“Under this Tourism Triangle would be Loagan Bunut, Mulu National Parks, Niah and Lambir National Parks. Other areas with potential under this Tourism Triangle are Bario, Usun Apau, Long San and Long Bangak, in the interior of Baram.”

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