Sunday, July 31, 2016

TheWrinkleyBackpackers: Borneo – Semenggoh

Brace yourselves folks, for more Orangutans!!!

We looked at taking a trip to Semenggoh Orangutan Sanctuary…. It’s very similar to the rehabilitation centre we visited in Sepilok….

The Orangutans at Semenggoh are semi-wild, they are free to roam around in the jungle.

The cost of an organised tour was 85RM (Malaysian Ringgits) per person….. By making our own way there, using public transport, and including the entrance fee, we did it for 14RM each.

For anyone following our blog for travel tips, it’s the number 6 bus from the main bus station in Kuching.

We arrived at Semenggoh…. There is a long walk from the entrance to the sanctuary.

We had a safety briefing from one of the Rangers…..”Don’t go too close to the apes…. No flash photography…. No food in the area…. Silence at all times… etc, etc”.

We went to the feeding platform but we only got to see one young female orangutan.

She came swinging down from the tree-tops, grabbed some fruit, and went back into the trees.

She hung from a rope, ate the fruit, and then disappeared into the jungle again.

She didn’t come any closer.

The tourists are asked to be very quiet whenever Orangutans are around, but there was a mother (human) carrying a baby.

The baby kept crying and screaming. This probably scared the young orangutan away, and prevented any others from coming near.

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