Friday, July 26, 2013

Borneo Cultural Festival achieves its aim of being environment-friendly

SIBU: The recently concluded 10-day Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) had achieved its aim of being environment-friendly – thanks to its additional theme of `Green BCF, Clean Sibu’.

Sibu Municipal Council deputy chairman Daniel Ngieng yesterday said the council had been very committed to promoting BCF as an environment-friendly event.

“While maintaining the old theme of ‘Beauty in Ethnic Diversity’ for our BCF, we’d an added theme, ‘Green BCF, Clean Sibu’ for this year’s BCF,” he enthused.

He said with the cooperation of BCF visitors, littering was not as bad as before.

Speaking at a press conference after chairing a `post mortem’ of the BCF, Ngieng said the `No Styrofoam Food Containers’ campaign had also yielded a good result.

“This campaign will continue to be an integral part of all future events of our council,” he enthused.

Ngieng, who was the organizing chairman of this year’s BCF, said the purpose of promoting the rich and diversified cultures of the Borneo had been served.

The BCF, he added, had its part in promoting inbound tourism.

“On the whole, we had a successful BCF, and it would not be so without the contributions of the non-governmental organisations and the public at large.