Thursday, July 04, 2013

Captivating musical treat at Borneo Cultural Festival

SIBU: Visitors to the Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) at Sibu Town Square from tomorrow to Sunday will be in for a rare yet enchanting musical treat.

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) secretary Hii Chang Kee said musical bands MICappella from Singapore and Banda Filhos do Barao live band from Brazil will be performing on those three nights.

MICappella is a blend of rock, R&B, pop and a dance musical troupe.

“However, it is a musical band that uses no musical instruments and that is the signature sound of MICappella, Singapore’s very own vocal rock band,” Hii said.

The six-piece band comprises Ein Ein, Calin, Juni, Eugene, Wei Jin and Peter.

“MICappella is passionate, bold and original in its musical arrangement and performance. It is this unique visual and auditory experience of watching them perform that draws the attention of audiences around the world.”

Hii said the group had represented Singapore on the international stage, with its wild infectious energy being showcased at events like the Singapore Youth Olympics and Hong Kong International ‘A Cappella Extravanganza’ in 2010 and Taiwan’s Super Idol 5 in 2011.

Last year, the band was the first runner-up at China’s nationwide television singing competition, The Sing-Off.

“MICappella will treat you to a concert featuring songs performed at The Sing-Off, along with original compositions.”

On the Brazil live band, Hii said it came with a different theme, character and musical expression altogether.

“Imagine what would be the energy of Lulu Santos, the passion of Cazuza, the innovation of Jota Quest, the personality of Bon Jovi.

“Now, add that to the style of challenger Raul Seixas, the boldness of Mutantes and influence of Elvis Presley and it will make a night of difference.”

Hii said it was with a contemporary guise that the band Filhos do Barao surprised those looking into its music.

“In an unexpected way and exciting move, the band creates its musicianship from the entire universe of Brazilian pop rock since Raul Seixas to Jota Quest.