Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tower of Heaven at the Mouth of Borneo

Looking at the increasing luxurious condominium built on the hill of our city, you will have no doubt that people are willing to pay a lot for scenic view from the top. For Lahad Datu town of Sabah, the best view point will be on Mount Silam, which is only 10 Kilometers away and one of the highest place in this district.

From its top, you can have a bird’s eye view of Lahad Datu town and its surrounding mountains, forest and the beautiful Darvel Bay.

Luckily, Mt. Silam is not developed into a condo area for the rich. Instead, it is part of the Class-1 Sapagaya Forest Reserve fully protected by Sabah Forestry Department (SFD).

Not only that, SFD also builds an observation tower on Mt. Silam, name it as “Tower of Heaven” (Menara Kayangan in Malay language) and open it to public in year 2012.

Tower of Heaven (Menara Kayangan) is 30-Meter tall (about 98 feet) and located at 620 Meters above sea level on Mount Silam.

The tower is a very solid building supported by steel and cement structure, and able to hold up to 30 visitors.

As this is a forested high ground, the air here is cooling and refreshing.

You will feel so comfortable that you want to stay longer for the nice air and view.

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