Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cruising Sabah’s Klias River in Photos

Our trip to Sandakan to see the orang-utans inspired us to discover more of Sabah’s wildlife.

From our base in Kota Kinabalu, we arranged another primate-themed day-trip, through an eco-tour company, based in the Horizon Hotel.

We would cruise down the Klias River searching for Malaysian Borneo’s other famous inhabitant, the proboscis monkey.

Rather than tell you about our river cruise, we decided to show you what we saw. So come along on a photo tour of the Klias River with us:

After several hours driving through lovely countryside, we arrived at the Klias River, where our intrepid guide scored us front row seats on our small boat.

A group of Chinese tourists filled up the rest of our vessel. Only a few of them spoke English but everyone was friendly and happy to smile for a photo.

It wasn’t too long before our captain spotted movement in the trees. The proboscis monkeys are quite shy so we had to look way up to see them in the treetops.

The proboscis monkeys aren’t the only inhabitants of the Klias wetlands. Our captain spotted this monitor lizard sunning himself on a log.

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