Wednesday, September 27, 2006

US envoy says Sabah wonderful place to visit

KOTA KINABALU - The United States government has not issued any travel advisory especially for Sabah since last year and instead encourages its citizens to visit the state, US ambassador to Malaysia Christopher J. LaFleur said yesterday.

He said the US appreciated the Malaysian government's efforts in providing enhanced security, particularly in the eastern part of Sabah.

He said there was still some concern about the coastal areas in eastern Sabah but "we don't have a separate travel advisory (for Sabah) at this point.

"I can say that we do encourge Americans to come here (Sabah)... it's a great place and I've been thrilled with what I have seen here, whether in Kota Kinabalu or over the eastern side of Sabah," LaFleur said, adding that he had just returned from the Danum Valley in the east.

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