Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eastern Sabah is safe for visitors

Kota Kinabalu: Commissioner of Police Datuk Noor Rashid said Friday that Eastern Sabah is very safe for visitors, contrary to the warning on the online version of the popular travel guide Lonely Planet.

"The warning is not true at all and police can assure visitors to eastern Sabah that it is very safe for them to visit," he said.

Lonely Planet issued a posting entitled "Don't Go To Eastern Sabah" due to the risk of being kidnapped by terrorists.

Noor Rashid said such information is misleading and visitors should ignore it. "As a popular travel guide, it should not have posted such a warning without verifying the actual situation," he said.

He said police are monitoring the security situation at all times and the information gathered showed that Eastern Sabah is perfectly safe.

"We have police personnel stationed all over the place as well as doing patrolling and general duties to ensure it is safe there," he said.

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