Friday, November 21, 2008

Nunuk Ragang

From Lost Borneo blog:

Travellers who make their way to Sandakan by road from Ranau will hardly find anything interesting along the way to break the monotony of the long journey. Oil palm plantations dominate the countryside. However, alert travellers might notice an interesting structure on the right about an hours drive from Ranau. Although it is located at some distance from the main road, the structure stands out from its surroundings and is easily spotted.

This structure or building is known as the Nunuk Ragang Monument. From afar, the monument resembles a fort, but on closer inspection, you will find big-holey windows dotting the walls. The strange building is topped by a pyramid-shaped umbrella. Fans of Japanese anime might think that this building would not look out of place in a Miyazaki Hayao movie. It might even be a Hobbit house from the Lord of the Rings.

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