Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Marked slowdown in tourist arrivals in Miri city

MIRI: Lack of tourism development projects in Miri Resort City for the past four years has resulted in a marked slowdown of tourist-arrivals in the city, said the managing director of a renowned resort here.

Borneo Resort owner, Henry Lau, who owns a landscaping firm, said that since Miri was declared a resort-city in 2005, nothing much were done to develop it to attract more tourists.

Lau raised the issue for discussion during an open dialogue with Sarawak Tourism Minister Datuk Michael Manyin and Sarawak Tourism Board chief executive officer Gracie Geikie here recently.

Some 50 key players of the tourism sector in northern Sarawak comprising tour operators, hoteliers and resorts managers, whose business had been badly affected by the slowdown spoke frankly during the dialogue session.

Lau questioned why nothing had been done to turn Miri into an attractive destination after the city’s declaration.

“We are badly affected by the low tourist arrivals. The authorities keep on saying that Miri is a resort-city, but the volume of tourists coming had dropped sharply.

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