Monday, March 30, 2009

Pesta Kalimaran - Celebrating the rich culture of Muruts

THE annual Murut cultural festival known as Pesta Kalimaran celebrates almost a complete range of their famously rich culture that distinguishes Sabah from its neighbours.

Not surprisingly, one way to appreciate and understand the culture of Sabah's indigenous Murut people is to head for the Pesta Kalimaran which will be a three-day affair between April 3-5 April in Tenom.

According to a culture officer with the Sabah Cultural Board, the word 'Kalimaran' refers to the craftsmanship of the Muruts.

It is rooted in two words: ralaa and alimar.

Ralaa means young lady and alimar means hardworking, strong-minded, diligent and trustworthy.

The story has it that there was a young Murut lady named Ralaa who had all these wonderful personal virtues: hardworking, strong-minded and trustworthy.

The sad part was, in the interest of their community, her brother named Yolomor believed he had to sacrifice her.

But before that tragic event, she managed to produce a flurry of handicraft of excellent quality such as Tikar, Silaung, Tikalis, Buyung, Lintoyog and Onot by using raw materials like bamboo, rattan and bamban.

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