Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New paddle boats at Jerudong Park Playground

Pic copyright to JPCC

By Amie PDH Ishak

Jerudong Park Playground launched a new flotilla of pedal boats in the Carousel Lake.

Playground visitors now have the option of two models of pedal boats; the contemporary two-seater or the zippy new water scooters dubbed 'Formula 1 on the Pond'.

The launching of the pedal boats coincides with the completion of a three-month renovation programme which included the rebuilding of the pedal boat dock, cleaning of the lake, reinstating of the lake's fountain and lighting features and repainting of gazebos and other structures in Phase 1A.

Russell Finney, General Manager of JPCC, which includes Jerudong Park Playground, said, "The new pedal boats are a huge improvement.

"They offer a more pleasant ride, are more manoeuvrable and go faster - if you pedal harder!"

Members of the public are welcome to try out the new pedal boats especially during these school holidays.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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