Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bigger purse for Padawan Raft Safari

THE fifth annual Padawan Raft Safari kicks off on October 31 with more and bigger prizes totalling RM17,000.

The organiser, Padawan Municipal Council, hopes participation will double this year, including contestants from overseas.

Two new categories have been created, one for hotel and travel agency staff members, and another specially for tourists.

“Last year the foreign teams had a tough time on the rapids. They weren’t as good as the locals, so their category this year is really just for them to have a good time,” said council chairman Lo Khere Chiang.

Speaking after the council’s 14th anniversary gathering at the MPP in Kota Padawan near Kuching yesterday, Lo said the safari was one of the safest ways to enjoy the rapids.

“Participants will experience the famous Giam Rapids as part of the challenge. It is quite difficult, but the safari is a great opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty here.

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