Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sabah tourism should learn from Balinese

KOTA KINABALU: Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun called on the people to see themselves as players in the tourism industry and to be ambassadors for its growth. Citing Bali as an example, he said Sabah had better beaches or forests than Bali, but it was the attitude of the Balinese who integrated themselves into the industry that made tourists flock to the island instead of Sabah.

From greeting people to maintaining their rich cultural heritage, Masidi said it was a clear manifestation of the Bali people’s desire to be part of the tourism industry.

“In Bali, the people feel that they are the ministers of tourism. They want the industry to grow by becoming a conscious part (of the industry).

“The problem in Sabah is that we don’t care.”

He said that to the media during the international conference of “How to Successfully Design and Implement Master Plans for Sustainable Tourism Development” here yesterday.

“When we feel ourselves as a player in the tourism industry even though we are not in the business, the industry will grow.

“Eventually it is not about the physical products but how people treat foreigners; that’s a very important component of the tourism industry.”

Masidi further stressed the need for quality products and services, saying that he had received complaints from tourists not getting what they were promised or being given inferior products.

“We can have the infrastructure and hotels, but if our service is poor and dishonest, it will just be an one-off transaction.”

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