Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sabah Tourism Master Plan 2011–2025 by IDS

KOTA KINABALU: Institute of Development Studies will be formulating the second Sabah Tourism Master Plan (STMP) which will be used to guide tourism development in the state from 2011 to 2025.

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, Datuk Masidi Manjun said in his keynote address on ‘Tourism Master Plans: Roles, Opportunities, Issues and Challenges” at the conference entitled “How to Successfully Design and Implement Master Plans for Sustainable Tourism Development” yesterday that his ministry has already commissioned IDS to review the present STMP which will end this year.

The first STMP was implemented in 1995.

According to Masidi, the STMP needs to be updated in order to bring tourism development to the next level that is current with changes occurring regionally and globally.

The update would also help enhance strategies recommended in order to meet and address the multiple challenges and changes occurring universally within and outside the industry which impact on Sabah’s tourism industry and development.

“The principal objective of the second STMP is to formulate a strategic development plan for tourism in Sabah to bring the industry to the next level of value added and long-term sustainable growth. This would involve the utilisation and management of Sabah’s tourism resources to benefit a wide range of stakeholders that includes tourism players and rural communities, and also to contribute significantly to Sabah’s economy,” he said.

Sabah is among the few states in the country that has a Tourism Master Plan.

Prior to the implementation of the STMP in 1994, Sabah’s foreign tourist arrivals stood at only 98,535. The state also had limited range of tourism products and corresponding infrastructure at the time.

The STMP recognises both the strength and weaknesses of Sabah tourism resources and their management and recommended strategic management options and directions to optimise appropriate development, he explained.

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All Inclusive Spring Break said...

Ok then it was in 1995 that STMP was invented.it was the mile stone in the way of tourism development. Due to STMP it formulate a strategic development plan for tourism. It will sure very help travel and tourism .