Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Miss Dishes at Gaya Island Resort, Borneo

Quality wining and dining can turn a good holiday into an excellent one. All too often though, meal inclusive packages around Malaysian resorts can be decent tummy filling ventures, but not mind blowing taste sensations. Gaya Island Resort by YTL however, has more than a few dishes capable of exciting the palate and creating a deliciously memorable vacation. Here's The Yum List's pick of:

Don't Miss Dishes at Gaya Island Resort, Borneo

Barbecued Seafood Bajau Laut Style

Seafood, seafood, seafood. It must be eaten en masse when it's this good. A Bajau Laut Beach Barbecue not only delivers a romantic set up, with sand in your toes, the sound of the sea lapping the shore, your own private butler and chef, but... too offers succulent seafood. Cooked the traditional way on skewers over hot coals, fish, prawns, mussels, lobster and a host of supporting meats and vegetables are barbecued according to the seafaring indigenous conventions of the Bajau Laut. Book in advance for this delectable experience.

Line Caught Fish

I have found not one fish on the mainland comparable to the quality of what we ate while in Sabah. There's something about the waters around the island of Borneo that produce incredibly fresh and juicy aquatic creatures. In an attempt to move towards sustainability, Gaya Island Resort by YTL offers the "catch of the day," which are caught by line, not the common net fishing method (which traps all in its path, in an attempt to snare one desired species). Sourced daily, you're assured freshness and simple preparation enhances the natural flavours.

Tuaran Mee

This traditional egg noodle dish was recommended by a number of Sabahans as a 'must try' while in the state. Haling from a small city on the coast to the north of Kota Kinabalu, these springy noodles are usually fried with local vegetables and topped with char siew and egg rolls. Gaya Island Resort proffers their own luxurious version brimming with seafood.


Sabahans' version of ceviche marinates the freshest of seafood in lime, chili and ginger. A tangy, fresh and unstoppably more-ish dish is the result. Available at Fisherman's Cove and on the Bajau Laut Beach Barbecue, order this one close to arrival, as its addictive quality will leave you yearning for more.

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