Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sibu budget hotels told to go for star rating

SIBU: Budget hotels here have been told to aim for star rating to boost their image and status and not be contented with the orchid rating.

Sibu Municipal Council chief health inspector Dominic Tiong said this would set a new standard for budget hotels here.

He believed that it was not impossible for budget hotels to attain star rating as one of them, Mansion Inn, had been awarded the certification.

“Mansion Inn for example, had been rated one star for the continuous upkeeping and upgrading of its facilities and services.

“It has set precedence for other budget hotels to follow,” Tiong said in addressing about 100 people at the Sarawak Central Region Hotels Association’s annual dinner at a local hotel here on Sunday.

He also cited Lido Inn as another budget hotel that was fast catching up with Mansion Inn.

“When you upgrade your hotel, you will increase the clients’ confidence and boost tourism industry.

“Travellers would be enticed to put up for the night there as nobody like to pay to stay in a dirty hotel with poor facilities,” he said.