Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sabah is safe and great for tourists to visit

SABAH’s tourism wealth is one of many wonders, either on land with its eco-adventures or as home to the world’s greatest marine diversity.

In assuring that, “Sabah is safe to visit, says Yen Yen”(The Star, March 29), I believe that everyone should help to restore the confidence as much as we showed our patriotism in combating the foreign intrusion upon our sovereign land.

It is with this gusto and show of unity that we must tell and show the world that Sabah is now much more secure and safe.

We have spent and will continue to spend millions in anticipation of the forthcoming Visit Malaysia Year 2014 to promote the tourism industry to achieve its national target.

It would be sad to see Sabah, as a great tourism destination being suddenly “shut off” from the rest of the world, domestic travellers included, simply because of mere reports and travel advisories of unsafe and volatile happenings going on in the “Land Below the Wind”.

Though the designated troubled and stricken-areas are far from some of the popular tourism sites, like the majestic Mt Kinabalu or the world-famed dive destination of Sipadan, it somehow looks like the whole of Sabah is unsafe to explore.

Thus, a concerted effort by all relevant parties must be undertaken to restore the glory of this state to its rightful place and for the greater good of the nation.

Visitors must be assured that all is back to normal and that it is safe.

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