Saturday, April 20, 2013

Snorkling Trip to East Borneo

Finally, 11 April has come. My 2 friends and i will have our island hoping trip to East Borneo. Actually, we already arrange this trip long time back from early January.

First flight in the morning forced us to reach Airport by 3am. 2.5 hours to reach Tarakan and we spend it by continuing our sleep. Flight arrived earlier than scheduled. Tour leader was stand by and pick us at the departure terminal. He asked us to join with other participants and guess whom i met there and will spend 4 days together?? yep, my ex boyfriend's ex. that's true! it's a small world indeed.

After introducing ourselves to the rest participants, a minibus ready to transfered us to a small resto nearby. only 15 mins away. We had our late breakfast yet early lunch there while waiting another participants depart from Balikpapan. Clock shown 12 pm and finally they came!

Complete team it is and ready to hit Maratua. We mobilize from this resto into the pier. But some problem happened. we can't get into the pier due some custom regulations. but my thought was ahh, paling mereka cmn pengen tambahan duit aja. c'mon this is Indonesia which apa2 UUD --> Ujung2 nya duit..

After a long wishy washy here and there, they allowed to entrance the pier. A small speed boat with capacity for 15 persons is ready to take us to Maratua.

3 hours on the move to Maratua, pantat yg namanya pegel ya. one of my friend sepertinya mabok laut dan sukses muntah. a bit worried since i think i ask a wrong person to join this trip, but never mind half on our way she tried to sleep. Around 3 hours, ABK (anak buah kapal) finally shout out, udah mau sampai!! wowww! we woke up and so excited.

The tour leader was give us the room key to all participants and asked us to leye2 before go to dinner time.  Today we only able to see around the resort since the time to spend from Jakarta to Maratua spend almost 1 day.

Menu for dinner is nice, fresh fish from the sea i guess so tasty. Anyway, we decided to sleep earlier so that we can fully energised for tomorrow island hoping which starting on 8am.

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