Monday, April 08, 2013

More visitors to Sarawak with entry of Malindo Air

SIBU: By spreading its wings to Sarawak, new airline Malindo Air will provide greater air accessibility to the state, making it easier for visitors to come to the state.

In expressing this positive outlook, Assistant Sarawak Tourism Minister (Local Events and Products) Datuk Gramong Juna also believed that Malindo Air, operating on a hybrid concept of low fares and value-added services, would provide more options for visitors to Sarawak.

“The way I see it, definitely, it will help boost tourism industry as with greater accessibility, more people can come to Sarawak,” he told reporters at the sideline of a ‘Fellowship Nite’ organised by Sarakup Induk Dayak Sarawak (SIDS), Sibu Rajang Park at a hotel here on Saturday.

He was asked if the state expected more visitors this year following Malindo Air’s entry into Sarawak.

Meanwhile, Malindo Air’s chief executive officer Chandran Rama Muthy was quoted to have said the airline was looking to expand its range of flights from Kuala Lumpur to three other regions in Sarawak; namely Miri, Sibu and Bintulu.

To another question, Gramong, who is also Machan assemblyman, reckoned there would be more competitions among airlines with Malindo Air’s entry into the sector.

“Healthy competition will enable air travellers to enjoy more competitive fares.”

He believed that with greater accessibility, promotion of local events or festivities such as Borneo Cultural Festival (BCF) would be more effective.