Sunday, April 07, 2013

How best to enjoy Sarawak’s Mulu

Mulu is very much the flagship tourist destination of Sarawak, and for good reason: it is breathtakingly beautiful in parts. However, it would be wise to realise a few things before going as a healthy dose of managing expectations will contribute to the enjoyment of your trip to Mulu.

The food, although not the worse, can get very samey, especially if you are staying for more than a few days. Things are no better if you eat outside of the park as all places offer the same types of thing: rice, veggies and meat. Bring some of your own supplies (you’ll have to do this anyway, if you are doing the Pinnacles or Summit trek) – failing this bring some condiments to provide some variety.

Mulu is it’s own economic microcosm and as such, everything is around 20 percent more expensive. This includes snacks and water, so again, bring your own.

MasWings has a 10 kilogram limit of luggage but you can pay for excess baggage at one ringgit per kilo, which still makes it cheaper for you to bring your own supplies. You will pay a premium for water at Mulu, so if you can, bring one of those water cooler bottles with you and top up as need be.

Try to book at least two weeks in advance for accommodation and longer treks during peak season (June till September) otherwise you will find yourself stuck in Miri for a week waiting for spaces to become available. Even better, don’t go in peak season. Not only will this give you more flexibility but you’ll also miss the hordes of people.

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