Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Traditional Borneo Homestay

I met my travel group last night, and we went to a local restaurant for a seafood banquet.

It was amazing and approx, $9. The bad news is that wine is not commonly sold in restaurants in Borneo.

Our group consists of 16 travellers: 6 Aussies, 4 Brits, 4 Kiwis, 1 Pole and 1 Scot.

Our ages range from 21 to about 60-ish.

Our tour leader Rony, is a Sandakan (Sabah) native, who is very passionate about Sabah wildlife and its history.

It should be a fun trip.

We didn't need to leave the hotel till 10am, so my room mate and I went up to the lookout again, then wandered the Sunday craft market.

A cage full of live toads was the most interesting find. Eek.

We loaded into 3 mini vans and headed out of town, stopping at a local village market on the way, for some interesting snacks.

Pandan flavoured little pancakes and 'net' biscuits.

They were little noodle pads which had been deep fried and sugared.

Quite yummy but def not diet food.

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