Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Climbing Mt Kinabalu

Everyone was a bit nervous and apprehensive about the Mount Kinabalu climb today.

It had rained a lot on the previous day, but luckily we were blessed with a coolish, lightly cloudy day.

We arrived at Timpohon Gate about 9.30am, and signed the walkers register.

After passing a nice little waterfall, the climbing began.

The trail ranged from wooden suspended steps, to terraced rocky steps, to steep stretches of boulders to clamber over.

The general theme being UP.

There was little relief from the gradient.

There are nice little huts, and km sign posts every 500m, which is good for morale.

The huts even have flushing, western style toilets. Very civilised.

We stop at every hut for a brief 5 or 10 minute rest, and sometimes a snack.

We also stop along the path at times, to recover from a particularly steep section, or for a good view.

The path is mostly bordered in lush and green vegetation, and at one stop we see some large pitcher plants.

Porters carrying very large loads pass us occasionally, they are paid by the kg, for how much they carry.

One had a large gas bottle strapped on to a wooden frame, one carried a large garbage bin, loaded with goods for restaurants near the top.

At various places we get a sweeping view of the surrounding hills, dotted with villages, rice paddies, and rubber plantations, however they seem very tiny and a long way down.

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