Monday, September 21, 2015

Tusan Beach a stunning open secret in Miri

MIRI: Blue Tears is a stunning sight of glowing ocean waters with luminous special effects said to be found in places like Matsu Islands of Taiwan, Vaadhoo Beach on the island of Maldives as well as sites like the coastal beaches in USA, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia.

But do you know that Mirians can now enjoy the incredible sight at Tusan Beach, just a short drive of half an hour from Miri City.

Located approximately 40 km from the city, Tusan Beach boasts a long white sandy beach with a gentle slope and is a secret paradise for those who love beautiful sunset scenery and of course, the dozens of fossils and seashells lying across the coastal line which shell collectors find hard to resist.

Recently, it has become the latest hotspot among the locals here; after a photographer, Albert Song, captured the breath-taking scene and shared it on the social network.

“Actually the natural phenomenon is easily seen with naked eyes. Many who tried to capture the ‘Blue Tears’ on camera failed to get the desired result due to many reasons and photography skills is one of them,” a photography enthusiast who only wanted to be identified as Wong told The Borneo Post.

“The glowing waters are caused by certain algae called ‘Dinoflagellates’, which produce a glowing light when the water they are living in is disturbed by motion, like waves.

“The so-called blue glow is said to become brighter during warmer weather, thus Miri has all the factors that allow us here to enjoy the beautiful and captivating scene without spending big bucks,” he said.

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