Saturday, September 19, 2015

Selingan Island

Today we headed off on our first real taste of adventure.

We are jumping on board for a boat trip to Selingan Island - free time to swim and snorkel and in the evening turtle watching activities.

The boat has twin 85hp outboard motors so hooks along nicely.

A nice day to be out on the water - it is like glass, would be perfect for a ski - about an hour to transfer to the island.

On arrival we saw 2 black police vessels and were met on the island by police carrying machine guns and other weapons.

They take border patrol very seriously and also are based on the island to protect this region from poachers of turtles....I wouldn't mess with them!

This place is beautiful and the conservation work is determined and successful.

We had the entire day on the beach - there is only one area safe for swimming and snorkelling - it was beautiful.

I finally got Rob to have a wallow in the water whilst I snorkelled further into deeper water.

After a good while I came back and was surprised to still see him in the water, he waved me over and said "get the life guard I think I have stood on a stonefish - I am in so much pain" after my triage assessment I felt it unnecessary to do a Pamela Anderson, Baywatch style run down the beach!

I rendered assistance from the 2 nice young lifeguards and they said he had stood on a sea urchin - it will hurt for a day or so, but you will be right!!

In the back of my mind I was thinking thank goodness for travel insurance.

Only a short while later - he was able to get back to our lodge.

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