Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Descending Mt Kinabalu

Our tour leader Ronnie gave us a wake up call at 5.45am, so we could see the sunrise.

After rugging up in many layers, we walked to a lookout area just below the hostel.

We didn't see a full sunrise, because of the cloud cover, but the clouds were tinged with many hues of orange and red, and the rocky peak of Mt Kinabalu above us looked very impressive.

I felt a bit nauseous from this brief walk, no doubt a mild case of altitude sickness.

I ate a small breakfast, and was very keen to start the descent today with our first walking group, to allay any further symptoms.

We left the hostel about 7.45am to begin the descent.

I had been a little anxious about the descent, as scrambling down steep rocky paths can be a little scary.

It wasn't as bad as I'd imagined though.

It was hard on your knees, however was only really slippery on occasions, so it was just a matter of negotiating each step, and keeping your balance.

It was no where near as strenuous as the previous day.

We were again blessed with perfect weather.

It was a little overcast, and cool but not wet. Ideal walking conditions.

We had brief stops at each hut again, but kept a slow, but steady pace going between each stop.

At each hut, about 3 or 4 small squirrels would come and run around our feet, looking for food scraps.

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