Monday, September 14, 2015

Travelling to Borneo

Here we go again… My next travelling story. Try to write in english… Sorry about the grammar please.

Last week i went to Natioanl Park Tanjung Puting (Taman Nasional Tanjung Puting).

Its located in Central Kalimantan. How can we get there? Easiest way? Travel agent… Hehehe… Yes, i used Kakaban.

They offer 3 days 2 nights and live on boat… Wohooo… Exciting right?

After arriving in Pangkalan Bun Airport (friday afternoon), we picked up by Pak Hadri.

He is our tour guide from Kakaban. We’re heading to Kumai Port ( Pelabuhan Kumai). Its quit near from the airport. It took about 25min to Kumai Port.

Guess Pangkalan Bun is small city. No sophisticated building. We found Borneo mall. Small building and didnt see the parking cars were full.

Its like desserted town and life goes slowly here. Ahhh… Seems like i can take a deep breathe here. Lots of space and fresh air in here and no traffic jam for sure.

At Kumai Port, its quit crowded. Lots of boats are ready, stand by for the guest. The boat is called Klotok. e boat. Klotok is made by wooden river boat about 12m by 2m with a roof which forms the upper deck where we can view the rain forest as it glides by. En We have nice klotok with friendly staff.

Ups forget to inform. We are in 5 members. Me, Ester, Mbot, Pade and Lia. We are friends since were in college in 2002. Since its 2PM, we are served the lunch directly. Coollllll… They provide us with fresh fish, vegetable (called cap cay) and also provide us with fruits like grape and orange… No diet please.

1st stop will be Tanjung Harapan. We will watch the orang utan’s life in feeding time. We sailed down the river.

Such a relaxing, comfy and lovely environment. The boat sailed slowly and we can enjoy the forest. Sometime the monkey showed up in the trees.

After 1hour sailing, we arrived at Tanjung Harapan. We did short tracking- around 10minutes to feeding places.

Some of orang utans were there, hanging on the trees. But since they are wild orang utan, we are forbidden to get closer.

Minimum 5 meter from them. Need to be silent as well, we cant disturb them. While we talked, we whispered.

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