Monday, June 13, 2016

20 tour agents from HK taking a peep into Sarawak

KUCHING: Twenty tour agents from Hong Kong were pleasantly surprised by ‘exotic cats’ scattered around Pullman Hotel’s lobby when they arrived here on Saturday evening.

The tour agents are Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents (Hata) members, and they flew in using Hong Kong Airlines’ direct flight for a five-day visit to experience the state’s unique cultures, nature, adventure and food.

The ‘exotic cats’, who are performers from Sarawak Cultural Village, later presented a vibrant dance show to welcome them.

Pullman Hotel collaborated with Cat City Holidays and Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) to host a welcoming dinner for the group. They were treated to a variety of traditional delicacies and local delights, including ‘ayam pansuh’, midin, ‘umai’, ‘terung asam’ soup and beef rendang.

Cat City Holidays managing director Venia Mok told the guests that Sarawak was an excellent place to relax and for adventure.

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