Thursday, June 30, 2016

Travelmefit: The wild man of Borneo, Sepilok

The drive from the Tip of Borneo to Sepilok was to be our longest drive in Borneo.

We estimated it would take us around 5.5 hours but it in fact took us over 6 hours due to terrible road quality. NB: It is easy to drive in Borneo and a car provides so much more independence, you will however have to be very aware of pot holes and at some points just glorified dirt tracks.

The day was tiring and long and we were grateful to arrive at our accommodation, Sepilok Forest Edge Resort.

With manicured gardens and a pool the resort is fantastic for chilling out.

The restaurant is hidden in the treetops making you feel like you really are in the rainforest!

The food is good, although perhaps as expected the local food by far surpasses the western options.

Tim opted for the chicken sandwich at one point which was not quite what we expected it to be …

The only downside to the accommodation here is that you have the choice of either a dorm room or a chalet.

The chalets were completely out of our budget and so we opted for the dorm, which although completely fine for two nights, is basic.

The reason anyone ever comes to Sepilok is to visit the wild man of Borneo – the orang-utan.

Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, orang-utans are currently found in only the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

The Bornean orang-utan population has declined by 50% in the past 60 years, mostly due to logging and forest fires, as well as fragmentation by roads.

Hunting is also a major problem and orang-utans are killed for the bushmeat trade, crop protection, for pets or for use in traditional medicine.

The Sepilok Orang-utan Conservation Centre does two feedings a day, at 10am and 3pm.

It is advised to get there at least 30 mins before feeding time to get your ticket and make your way to the feeding platform.

The centre was set up in 1964 for orphaned orang-utans, today the reserve has 60-80 resident orang-utans.

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