Thursday, June 02, 2016

The essence of Kaamatan and Gawai Harvest Festival captured through special webfilm

KOTA KINABALU: In conjunction with Kaamatan and Gawai celebration, Petronas commences its Kaamatan and Gawai festive campaign with the launch of a specially produced webfilm titles “Renai”.

Renai is the name of the main character, the little girl featured in the webfilm. The scene is set in the jungle of Sarawak, and against the scenic view of Mount Kinabalu in neighboring Sabah.

This inspiring story is about Renai growing up with her mother staying in Sarawak, while she could not be with her dad is most of the time as her dad working hard in Sabah to earn a living. The second part of the film is about Renai coming back from studies abroad during harvest festival to celebrate harvest festival with her parents.

The moral of this webfilm strongly shows how Renai appreciates and values the struggles and sacrifices made by her parents to ensure a brighter future for her.

This story of gratitude and hope encapsulates the true spirit of the Kaamatan and Gawai festivals, which celebrate the fruits of hard labour and determination invested each year into delivering a bountiful harvest.

According to Petronas Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications Zahariah Abd Rahman, Petronas has been bringing Malaysians together through our festive communications for the past two decades.

“With the latest Kaamatan and Gawai webfilm, we hope to not only capture the rich and unique essence of the harvest festivals in Sabah and Sarawak, but what this tradition and the festivals mean to all Malaysians.

“On top of that, Petronas draws inspiration from every Malaysian as each has an interesting story to be told.

“The story of Renai reflects our nation’s diversity as a true melting pot of cultures, and the social cohesion among Malaysians,” Zahariah said.