Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Gawai time to seek common ground

KUCHING: Gawai Dayak is not just a festival, but also an occasion for the Dayak community to forget about their differences and find common ground.

Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem said this is vital for the greater good of the community.

“There is nothing wrong to have differences in opinion but the common ground must be worked on all the time for the overall good of the Dayak community,” he said in his Gawai Dayak 2016 message yesterday.

Adenan said it was the desire to find common ground for the good of the Dayak community that inspired rural voters to return most of the rural seats to the Barisan Nasional in the recent state elections.

“The desire of the majority of the people to be identified with progress, development and social harmony must have been an overriding factor that

had prompted them to make decisions the way they did in entrusting the administration of the state to the team under my leadership.

“I must thank the Dayak community for playing their part in giving me an overwhelming mandate to lead the state government for the next five years,” he said.

He noted that in the last two years, the state government under his leadership had made various decisions and taken numerous actions for the benefit of Sarawakians, especially the poor and those in rural areas.

“Let me reassure our people that more decisions and actions will come your way in the next five years now that I have been given a strong mandate of my own,” he said.

Adenan said the Dayak community has progressed in the fields of education, commerce and industry in the last 50 years but this level of achievement is of course not enough as there are still areas that need to be improved on and pockets of poverty that have to be addressed.

“There are longhouses and kampung houses with all the modern trappings that look more if not better than houses in the cities but we must admit that there are also longhouses and kampung houses that look not quite pleasant and devoid of even basic amenities like electricity and clean water and good access roads,” he said.

Adenan stressed the government is fully aware of this gap and in the next five years, his administration’s focus would be on providing more infrastructure to enhance connectivity as well as providing more facilities such as water and electricity supply to improve quality of life in rural areas.

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