Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adventures of a Jackpacker: Borneo - The Jungle Book Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

As evening descended on the Kinabatangan river, we took a detour into a nearby lake which was huge and beautiful, arriving just in time for sunset.

This diversion took us into the “proper” rainforest which forced us to duck under branches and knock back plants as our boat chugged through the low hanging jungle.

On our way back, we spotted more macaques and proboscis monkeys, looking as bizarre as ever with their giant beer bellies and stonking great noses.

As we headed back to Osman’s, we stumbled across our first and only orang-utan of the boat trips, though we had to use the binoculars to see it since it was hiding in a gigantic tree.

It was pretty big and stayed put so we could have a good look. One of the elephants seemed to get jealous that the orang-utan was getting all the attention though and paraded out of the reeds to try and hog the limelight.

I’m not sure what bizarre landscape this where your response to an elephant making itself known is, “Oh look another one”.

After admiring yet another spectacular rainforest sunset and having a bite to eat, we headed out on our most adventurous boat cruise yet – the night time one.

I had no idea what to expect and genuinely thought we’d be unlikely to see very much (hence the lack of pictures as I didn’t take my camera). How wrong I was!