Sunday, April 09, 2017

Vagabond Way: Kubah National Park A Frog Lovers Dream Borneo Malaysia

In Borneo Malaysia, Kubah National Park sits as a little known gem.

Visited mostly by hot, water seeking tourists for its waterfall, the park boasts an impressive number of nocturnal frogs.

For those keen on unique wildlife experience or lover of frogs, this park is a must visit spot.

Chris did a bunch of research and we learned that we could stay overnight in the park hostel.

We got ourselves ready and hopped on a bus with the plan to stay for two nights.

If you are a quiet, respectful and self-reliant traveler or wildlife enthusiast, this place is for you!

Atop a very steep 1 km hill, lays a frog pond. Every evening dozens of species of frogs make their way down to the pond.

The different frog calls fill the night air as each evening this orchestra ensues.

So many times people hear frogs, but they don’t actually get to see them.

The ribbits and croaking calls come from deep within some reeds or undetected in a marshy bog.

At Kubah, the frogs slowly emerge from the dense forest and are on display to show their beauty.

They might just be sitting on a leaf or tree for a while, calling, and then eventually jump or fly down another 10 feet and repeat as they make their way to the water.

Even if you may have never considered yourself a frog lover before, I can’t help but wonder if your opinion will be altered after taking a look at these species below.

Some of these frogs we could identify and some we are just not sure of.