Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Skaugen Travel: Into the Jungle at Kinabantangen River

Our Jungle trip are about to start, waiting at the cafeteria in Sepilok, looking around to see if we can figure out who our travel companion will be.

As this is in the middle of the feeding time, most of the visitors in the cafeteria is probably there for a similar reason as us.

Mr Aji arrives and we are 8 adults + 1 child that will camp together for the following days.

Looks like a nice group, but there is one obstacle, the weather forecast! For the following 3 days it is mostly promising rain.

Should we cancel and wait for better weather or go and hope for the best???

We are optimistic, and on our way to the village of Sukau the weather is nice.

We arrive to our accommodation, which is simple but we didn’t expect anything else, and are ready for our first river cruise.

And just in case – bringing a raincoat! On this first afternoon river cruise we are heading downstream to look for crocodiles.

None seen, but we are passing close to the first family of Proboscis Monkeys.

Mr Aji, our guide, can mimic their sound, and the monkeys actually answers him.