Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Celebrate CJB’s musical democracy at Borneo Jazz Festival

The Cape Jazz Band will be performing at the Borneo Jazz Festival at ParkCity Everly Hotel in Miri this May 12 and 13.

Fondly known as ‘The CJB’, the jazz band will be bringing a full brass section to the festival, performing their ‘cape jazz’ from Cape Town, South Africa.

With a special focus on brass and percussion instruments, they will be performing a fast paced, street carnival styled repertoire akin to that of the founders of Cape Jazz back in the early days of post-apartheid South Africa, according to a Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) press statement yesterday.

The CJB, which began in 2013 led by jazz drummer Jack Momple, has contributed to many of the most famous ‘cape jazz’ recordings.

Their album ‘Musical Democracy’ was released that same year and comprised original ‘cape jazz’ compositions by Momple and CJB members.

Their energetic, manic-celebratory style maintains the bottom line of ‘cape jazz’, that is freedom of expression through times of oppression, a message that no hurdle is insurmountable without hope, persistence and a little festivity.