Thursday, April 27, 2017

Snap, Travel and Pop: Borneo - Traditions of the Rungus Tribe

This blog is part of a series of three that focus on the people and culture in the Kudat region of Borneo, particularly the Rungus tribe.

It is based on my limited experience and subject to my creative interpretation…

Read Part 1.

The majority of local people in the Kudat region of Malaysian Borneo descended and still identify themselves from the Rungus tribe.

The original tribe folk settled in Borneo thousands of years ago and were apparently keen head-hunters.

Since then they have developed their culture and way of life to keep up with the world, including ditching the recipes for Strogan-head-off.

What is nice to see is that they are still managing to keep their culture alive and doing some of it with entrepreneurial flare.

The traditional skill of gong making by hand is still going strong at the “Sumangkap Gong Factory” which, rather than being an actual factory, is simply a whole village.

In a show of might, they made the largest gong in South East Asia (I think the Chinese have made a bigger one…typical).