Friday, April 17, 2015

Borneo Jazz Fest to star Strong, Shafiee Obe and All The Best

MIRI: Based on popularity and audience votes, British jazz performer Anthony Strong will be back for the Borneo Jazz Festival.

With his British style enthralling the audience last year, he will be back on stage for the festival on May 8-9 at ParkCity Everly Hotel.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary of jazz celebration, Sarawak Tourism Board will feature the ‘Dirty Dozen Brass Band’ from New Orleans (USA) and Lluis Caloma from Spain and other festival past favourites to feature a wide range of jazz genre from all over the world.

They will be joined by ‘Jump 4 Joy’ of Sweden, ‘Me’ Blow – ‘Gimme The Boots’ (Germany), Sarawak’s very own jazz performer

‘Shafiee Obe and All The Best’ and ‘The Doodaddis’ (Australia) and ‘The Nylons’ (Canada).

Shafiee Obe & All the Best maintains a very progressive blend of jazz, Latin, funk and traditional elements of Borneo and Nusantara Vibes.? Returning for their second appearance to Borneo Jazz Festival, the group performs their very own repertoire of original material written and arranged by group leader Shafiee who is also keyboardist and music director.

The eight-piece group features a female vocalist Syakirah, Shafiee Obe on keyboards, Ali Hairunie on bass, drummers Abg Taha Abg Ballia and Azim ‘Jenk’ Ali, and percussionists Saji Amin, Joe Gendang and Ainal.