Sunday, April 05, 2015

Borneo: Tampat Do Aman, Kudat

Yvonne and I tried to get from Sukau to Kudat without going through Kota Kinabalu, but had no luck.

Turns out hitching rides and going the way that looks easiest on a map is not actually the best solution.

Failing twice to hitch rides with locals we ended up on buses that brought us to Kota Kinbabalu.

Just missing the last bus up to Kudat we had to spend the night in KK and take off the next morning.

Getting there was pretty easy and we weren’t sure if we should stay in Kudat center or head to the very tip.

Our bus driver insisted on taking us to the tip and negotiated a good price so we went with it and thankfully we did.

Ended up at one the best spots and guesthouses in Borneo.

He dropped us off at Tampat Do Aman lodge where we met the most amazing people that ran an eco friendly lodge with a five star mentality.

The location: a quiet and beautiful Borneo guest house.

Their goal was not only bringing a local and amazing experience to their guests, but insisted on sustaining and aiding local economies.

Hiring and training locals and recycling local goods  kept the money and income within the community.

They were so accommodating and as soon as you arrived you knew you were going to have a relaxing few days with very little stress.

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