Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wedding Proposal in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo

It has been a while since our last post and that’s because we have been busy dealing with life rather than living it. Terrible I know but what can you do.

In this time however we did get engaged and this post is all about that because it was not just some cheap Italian dinner in the city it was something special that actually came off without a hitch, to my surprise mostly.

It took weeks to plan and i had some great help.

The ring

For anyone who has had to buy an engagement ring you will understand my pain and confusion. Buying something for someone else who will ware it for the rest of their life is quite daunting and you feel like the sales person can see you from a mile off.

I ended up in Tiffany’s but i stand by my choice she seems to like it.

The Setting

It had been a while since our last nice holiday that didn’t involve sleeping in a tent or a tail gate so the plan was to make this something to remember. Just quietly I think I achieved that.

On Sunday Lisa came home from visiting her family in Melbourne. She was met with a box that I had prepared for her in it had all the information about the week that was to come. It included;

- List of what to pack,
- Pamphlet on the hotel,
- Plane tickets,
- AUD $1000 in local currency,
- Pamphlet on the destination from Flight Centre.

Lisa was in shock, she said nothing and it was not until the next day it sunk in that we were going on holiday. She still had no idea what was actually install for her.

Monday Midnight we boarded the first Malaysia Airlines Flight to Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday Morning saw us land in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo.

I had never really heard of Kota Kinabalu until Jane at Flight Centre in brisbane  suggested it. I went in there with an obscure trip description and she turned it into pure brilliance. It had to be  romantic, somewhere neither of us had been before and as it was a short time frame it had to be short flight.

Although Kota Kinabalu is not the closest of places to fly its convenient that we fly out late and fly through the night so you don’t lose days flying.

We arrived to the movie scene with bongo drums and xylophones at the hotel lobby. As corny as this sounds it is fun and its nice to be welcomed. In Australia your lucky to get pointed in the direction of the lift, even in some of the classiest of establishments.

Tuesday Night was when our lives would change forever. I had seen on the internet that there was a Cocktail bar right out on the point that was said to have the best sunsets in Malaysia. This is where I planned to pop the question.

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