Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mini Adventure - Mount Kinabalu, The Adventure (Part 1)

D-day, started on a good note as we have been blessed with the best of weather.

We had breakfast at a mamak restaurant nearby our place, when I say breakfast it means a very heavy breakfast.

Here’s a tip, a few days before the climb you must piled up carbo intake to build up your energy reserve for the climb.

At 10:00am our pick up van came and we are off to Kinabalu Park in Kundasang, a 2 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.

Arrived at Kinabalu Park around 1:00pm, an hour more than the 2 hours time it should take mainly due to a lot of toilet stops (a friend is too nervous about the climb that he had to relieve himself a couple of time).

Upon arrival at the Kinabalu Park HQ, our guide (Mr Suning) who was actually the driver of our pick up van gets down to business preparing our registration, arranging our porter and also our accommodation.

I am not sure about the actual charges of the registration, guide, etc as we took a package for this climb.

Only the porter charges are not included but they only charge MYR8/kg for a round trip (Timpohon Gate – Laban Rata – Timpohon Gate).

That is for your stuff and NOT for YOU (yes, you).

You cannot simply weigh yourself on the weighing scale and calculate the cost for the porter to take you up.

For that purpose they will charged based on the distance they have to carry you, the current rate is MYR300/km.

So for a single trip from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata which is 6km in distance, you have to forked out a whopping MYR1800.

But in my opinion even if you have the money, where is the fun in it?

Unless you are injured that is a different matter altogether.