Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Borneo Holidays: Found Fresh Blooming Rafflesia At Kinabalu Park

While spending the day hiking at wild trails at Kinabalu Park, a tourist found this fresh booming Rafflesia laying open on the ground just like you see in the picture.

Rafflesia is the biggest flower on earth and it is actually a parasitic flowering plants.

Rafflesia has 28 different species and in North Borneo, the common species found here are Rafflesia arnoldii, Rafflesia cantleyi, Rafflesia hasseltii, Rafflesia keithii, Rafflesia kerrii, Rafflesia pricei, and Rafflesia tengku-adlinii according to Wikipedia.

Most of those species were found near Mount Kinabalu.

A fresh Rafflesia start blooming at night and can only live in two or three days before dies then decompose completely.